Wherein I salute Lady Met. . .

Ok. I know the 2015 World Series champion has been decided, and I (sadly–oh, so sadly) know that the champion was not the National League Champion New York Metropolitans. However, as a long-time fan of the antics of Mr. Met, I give you a forgotten Mets team booster: Lady Met.

Lady Met

Lady Met

First of all, why Major League Baseball is not selling short-sleeve Lady Met boleros, I WILL NEVER KNOW.

There is also an image of Lady Met crying in the rain, which feels apt after a tough end to a stellar 2015 Mets season.

Sad Lady Met

Sad Lady Met

Secondly, if you can name another ball club mascot with an article in The Paris Review, please get in touch.

I discovered Lady Met (and her mysterious relationship to the Mr. and Mrs. Met family of today,) when a friend asked for costume ideas for attending a Halloween night game at Citi Field. As a vintage lover, I had to suggest Mrs. Met! (Reader: She did it!)

In theory, Lady Met was Mr. Met’s girlfriend (until they tied the knot sometime in the 1970’s and became Mr. and Mrs. Met.) However, I’ve stumbled across memories of Lady Met having a Baby Met, and the idea that the current Mr. Met is actually the son or the original Mr. Met, so let’s just say that the Met family history is complicated.

I do love, however, that in a world gone casual, even a baseball team mascot used to have style. Plus, I have a new eBay alert.

Team Lady Met FTW!

(P.S. See a wonderful slide show of Lynn Farrell as Lady Met in action here!)


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