Wherein It’s Featured Item Friday: Vera Style. . .

It’s Friday! I encourage you all to have a Jean Harlow cocktail and find somewhere this weekend to wear a great party dress .

On Fridays in Maudetown, I’m going to feature a highlight from the shop–something special I’ve got on offer that begs a story.

Today, it’s Vera Neumann time.

Vera Neumann

Vera Neumann

If you are Vera lover, you know who you are. You might even be the one who recently snapped up this tea towel within 24 hours of its listing!

Vera Neumann Christmas Angel Tea Towel

Vera Neumann Christmas Angel Tea Towel

Vera Neumann was an American artist and designer who, though best known for her boldly patterned scarves and linens, left behind a wealth of other work–from paintings to dresses, as well as her visionary entrepreneurial spirit. My favorite detail about her life is that her parents told her to find something she was passionate about and to pursue it–boldly. In turn, they supported her in her passion. (Parenting win!) Though Vera died in 1993, her designs live on in reissues at Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Anthropologie and Target.

Her scarves and linens are VERY collectible, and I recently came across a Vera scarf I’ve never seen before!

Vera Neumann Calder

Vera Neumann Calder “I Love You” Scarf

The artist Alexander Calder (most well known for his graphic mobiles) was her good friend, and in the 1960s, Calder gave Neumann and her husband a mobile: Constellation.

Alexander Calder installs Constellation at the Neumann home

Alexander Calder installs Constellation at the Neumann home

The mobile inspired three scarves–one of which is pictured above and is now for sale in Maudetown. I’ve never seen a scarf with the original primary colors for sale! Though the scarf I have on offer is polyester, it’s highly collectible and quite rare.

Neumann’s work is so fun and bold and memorable. Who wouldn’t want an “I love you” tied around their neck to get through the day?

Calder I Love You Vera

The scarf is in fine condition, and though ready for wear, would liven up any room if framed as a painting. Vera believed in emotional power of color, and it’s always amazing to me how fresh and happy her designs are. It’s no wonder they are still so collectible!


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